Rope Bat Hitting System - for a perfect swing! - FAQs

1 – What ages and levels is the Rope Bat® recommended for?

The Rope Bat® is recommended for players of all ages and levels from tee ball to professionals. The grip ring indicator makes the Rope Bat® adjustable so the barrel will match the sweet spot of any sized bat. 

2 – Can the Rope Bat® be used for baseball, fast pitch softball and slow pitch softball?

Yes, yes and yes!

3 – How can the Rope Bat® be used with coaches and private hitting instructors?

The Rope Bat® teaches and reinforces proper hitting mechanics, and it is a great complement to working with a coach or hitting instructor. A coach or instructor can’t always be there, and the Rope Bat® ensures that independent practice time is effective and bad habits aren’t developed.

4 – How can players use the Rope Bat® independently?

The Rope Bat® provides players with immediate feedback. They can see, feel and hear if they hit the ball with authority. If they don’t hit the ball with authority, they will self-correct. Through this instant feedback and cycle of self-correction, players develop confidence and ownership over their swing. See How The Rope Bat Works for more details.

5 – How is the Rope Bat® better than other swing trainers?

The Rope Bat® is the only swing trainer that addresses ALL aspects of the swing. Other swing trainers just focus on a specific component of the swing such as keeping hands inside the ball or improving bat speed.

6 – Why is training with the Rope Bat® better than just swinging with a real bat?

Without correct swing mechanics, swinging with a regular bat will develop bad habits and muscle memory for incorrect swing mechanics. The Rope Bat® forces correct swing mechanics that will later transfer to the real bat swing.

7 – Where can the Rope Bat® be used?

The Rope Bat® can be used during team practice, instructional camps, batting cages, the backyard, the garage, the on-deck circle and even in the house.

8 – Who designed the Rope Bat®?

The Rope Bat® was designed by Dr. Gary Long, a former professional player, coach and hitting instructor. His inspiration for developing the Rope Bat came from working with a struggling hitter. Read the full Rope Bat® Story for more details.

9 – What type of drills can be done with the Rope Bat®?

The Rope Bat® can be used with a tee, soft toss from the side and overhand or underhand from the front. The Rope Bat® can be used in virtually any drill a real bat can be used with. Check out the Rope Bat® YouTube Channel for examples.

10 – Is the Rope Bat® worth the price?

The Rope Bat® costs less than two private hitting lessons. If your player puts in the work with the Rope Bat®, it will completely transform their swing. How much is a good swing worth to you?

11 – Is the Rope Bat® used by any college or professional teams?

Yes! The Rope Bat® is used by many college and professional teams around the world.

12 – Can the Rope Bat® be used with real baseballs or softballs?

Do not use real baseballs or softballs with the Rope Bat®. Use only lightweight training balls such as Smushballs or Wiffle balls.

13 – What type of tees can the Rope Bat® be used with?

Use only tees with soft rubber cones such at the Tanner Tee or BackSpin Tee. Do not use tees with hard, rigid cones.

14 – What is your warranty?

The Rope Bat® is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for up to one year. When used as directed, it’s virtually indestructible. If you believe your Rope Bat® is defective in materials or workmanship, please contact us for a free replacement.

15 – How much does the Rope Bat® weigh?

The Rope Bat® weighs only 12 ounces. This helps players get a lot of reps in without tiring as quickly as they would with a real bat.

16 – Is the Rope Bat® patented?

Yes! The Rope Bat® has two patents.

17 – How much is shipping?

Shipping is free in the United States. If shipping to Canada, please order on If you are ordering from outside the United States or Canada, please contact us for shipping options.

18 – How long does it take to ship the Rope Bat®?

Orders are typically processed within 1 business day and shipping time is generally 2 – 4 business days. Please see our shipping information for more details.

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