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“The Rope Bat is a fantastic teaching tool for coaches and a fun way for players to improve their swing. This training device will actually force your hitters to stay connected through the swing while staying inside the baseball. Our kids love it!”

Andy Dawson (Head Baseball Coach, McNeil HS, Round Rock, TX)

This product is great for showing kids their swing flaws and provides them with instant feedback. Put a ball on a tee and watch a kid struggle to hit it a few times and they will start making corrections on their own. I have used many hitting aids but this one shows how important it is for your body to work as one while hitting.”

– Mathew (baseball coach)

“If you are looking to improve your kid or your teams swing then stop looking. This is what you want to buy. It totally changed both of my daughters swing in just a few times of using it. Now they swing in the garage on their own without me. I also use it with my 10u softball team. Even just swinging it in the on deck circle just to remind them how to swing correctly!”

– Landon (softball dad and coach)

“Gary Long is personally invested in the development of the young player’s swing. With the Rope Bat, he has a tool that can give personal feedback on hand position for any swing. Developing a consistent swing path to the ball and training that habit can be helped by the Rope Bat.

Jeff Kent
(Former MLB Player
NL 2000 MVP, All Time Leader In Home Runs Among 2nd Baseman)

I believe this is the absolute best swing trainer I’ve ever seen in all of my coaching. After my team started our Rope Bat regiment they were tearing the stitching out of the ball. Including this year my teams have won 3 straight championships, in 2 different little leagues. I want to get every league in the district to get a bunch of rope bats for each league.”

– Robert C. (baseball coach)

“Right from the get go, the Rope Bat revealed some flaws in my son’s technique and forced him to make necessary adjustments. These adjustments have aided in better mechanics. My son loves the Rope Bat!”

– Eddie (baseball coach and dad)

With the Rope Bat you know you’re going to get immediate feedback. You’re going to see ball off the bat, you’re going to see side spin, you’re going to see back spin, and it helps guys understand barrel position at contact.”

RJ Thomas
(Head Baseball Coach at Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX)

“‘Connected’ has always been easy to see and difficult to teach. It takes a few swings to adapt to the Rope Bat, but you will ‘feel’ the Rope Bat connecting your swing efficiently.

Bart Bratcher
(Former President Texas High School Coaches Association
Head Coach at Westwood HS in Austin, TX for 33 years)

“Excellent trainer for anyone wanting to improve their hitting mechanics. Forces a proper swing or you won’t hit the ball, then translates that using a real bat.

– Greg (baseball dad)

“Great tool! Easily teaches the right swing mechanics for a great swing. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Brent B. (parent, coach and former college baseball player)

“The Rope Bat teaches athlete accountability, humility, persistence and consistency. If you don’t swing the Rope Bat perfect, you WILL NOT hit the ball. It forces you to increase your bat speed and demands consistency with your mechanics.

Tiffany Gates
(Former Head Softball Coach Westwood HS, Austin, TX)

“Just received 3 of these for my 3 (8) year olds. This hitting tool instantly provides feedback on what they did correctly or incorrectly. A great effective tool for teaching and coaching the correct swing path and learning how to swing with bat lag.”

– Michael D. (baseball dad)

“Just a quick “thumbs up” for Rope Bat. I coach a little league team at Oak Hill and used Rope Bat with my 8-and-under team. Gotta say, I saw significant improvement in the boys’ hitting. Their contact, bat speed and overall mechanics improved quite a bit. Will continue using it.”

– Eric K.(baseball dad and coach)

I coach a girls 12u baseball team and girls Fastpitch 14u team. Both teams use the Rope Bat in team practices and several players from both teams have their own. It has been an invaluable tool for us as coaches, and for them as players.”

– John T. (baseball and softball coach)

“We have used the Rope Bat for the last two years. My son is 8 years old now and has really benefitted from it’s use. So much so that many other coaches around our area are starting to purchase the product. I haven’t found another product to reinforce to young kids the importance of swinging in unison with their body as well as well as teaching them to maintain their lag until impact.

Jennifer C. (baseball mom)

“The Rope Bat really helps my girls timing. The Rope Bat gives them immediate feedback and allows them to correct their own mistakes. I would certainly recommend it for younger girls as well.”

Larry Hennig
(Head Softball Coach, Mary Hardin Baylor University, Belton, TX)

“The Rope Bat has been a great help for my son. It gives instant feedback and makes you swing correctly. It not only builds a great swing it builds confidence. A great investment in any hitters future.”

– Gary (baseball dad)

We just got our Rope Bat for my daughter….and her hitting practice was amazing last night. She’s gaining the ability to self-adjust, which will be critical in the batter’s box!!!!

– Holli R. (softball mom)

“The Rope Bat is a fantastic training tool. It helped my son get a better feel for rotational hitting and staying connected. The Rope Bat is the best thing I’ve seen for learning barrel awareness.”

– Jeff J. (baseball dad)

“Our 11u team uses the rope bat at every practice at one of our stations before they hit in the cage. It really gets our kids to learn how to get the bat on the right hitting plane.

– Scott L. (baseball coach)

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