The Rope Bat - Baseball & Softball Swing Trainer / Hitting Aid

Connect, Correct & Perfect Your Swing!

Current PRO baseball player, Alex Verdugo, trains with the Rope Bat® to keep his swing BOSTON STRONG! ⚾️💪

The Rope Bat® is an innovative baseball and softball swing trainer and hitting aid that helps players independently perfect their swing.

By utilizing centrifugal force, the Rope Bat® creates bat speed and teaches hitters to use their entire body throughout the swing.

Training with the Rope Bat® forces correct swing mechanics and gives hitters immediate feedback so they can self-correct.

These self-corrections develop muscle memory which transfers to swings with the real bat.

Watch the Rope Bat® video to see this powerful swing trainer in action.

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Train with the Rope Bat® and you will…

⚾️ Develop a connected and powerful swing

🥎 Eliminate common swing flaws (looping, hitching and casting)

⚾️ Use your entire body when swinging

🥎 Keep your hands inside the ball

⚾️ Increase bat speed

🥎 Utilize lag

⚾️ Hit the ball on the sweet spot every time

🥎 Develop muscle memory that transfers to the real bat swing

⚾️ Receive immediate feedback and be able to coach yourself

🥎 Build confidence at the plate

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For the price of less than two private hitting lessons, you can own the ONLY baseball and softball swing trainer that improves ALL aspects of the swing.

Rope Bat® Homerun Bundle

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Rope Bat® Features

The Rope Bat Swing Trainer being used for both baseball and softball
Works for Baseball & Softball
The Rope Bat Hitting Aid being used by a beginner softball player and an advanced baseball player
Great for Beginners & Experienced Hitters
The grip and sweet spot of the Rope Bat Swing Trainer
Adjustable Grip Indicator – Barrel lines up to the Sweet Spot on a Real Bat of any size
The Rope Bat Swing Trainer being used on a tee for baseball and with soft toss for softball
Use with a Tee, Soft Toss from the Side, Underhand or Overhand from in Front
The Rope Bat Swing Trainer being used outside for baseball and inside for softball
Can be used Indoors & Outside
The Rope Bat Hitting Aid being used for switch hitting in baseball
Perfect for Switch Hitting – Lightweight Design allows Extra Reps without Tiring

View Step-By-Step Instructions for how to use the Rope Bat® to Connect, Correct & Perfect your Player’s Swing!

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Ready to Perfect Your Baseball or Softball Player's Swing?

The Rope Bat® should only be used with lightweight training balls such as Smushballs or Wiffle balls. Never use real baseballs or softballs with the Rope Bat®. Use only tees with soft rubber cones, such as the Tanner Tee. Do not use the Rope Bat® with tees that have rigid cones.