Just a few of the experts using & recommending the Rope Bat®.

John Madden

Former Pro Baseball Player


“The Rope Bat exposes a lot of swing flaws and it forces you to stay compact and fast.”

AnaMarie Bruni

Pro Softball Athlete & Coach


"We love training with the Rope Bat! It gives us instant feedback and we recognize where we need to be on our bat path and connections."

Lucas Kephart

Advanced Hitting Coach


"Solid tool to assist with feeling bat path, proper bat lag and correct sequencing."

Josh Cathcart

Advanced Hitting Coach


"I have really bought into the Rope Bat as a training tool for all ages, but especially young players who get loose with their arms/barrel on the backside of the swing. Also, a great feel for proper direction in the swing."

Logan Stout

Associate Scout, Texas Rangers


"This is a phenomenal hitting tool! Too many hitters struggle with bat/hand path and The Rope Bat is the ideal feedback tool for correcting those issues thereby creating more ball on barrel contact."

Doug Clark

Advanced Hitting Coach


"Best hitting tool for players who cast."

Dave Hudgens

Former Pro Baseball Player

World Champion Pro Team Hitting Coach

"The Rope Bat is a great investment for those serious about learning the proper mechanics necessary to become a good hitter."

Coach Bre

Advanced Softball Hitting Coach


"The Rope Bat is a unique way to train because it truly puts your swing to the test. You can FEEL right away if the contact is solid or if the path to the ball is correct."

Matt Ross

Advanced Hitting Coach


"The Rope Bat might be the best tool in baseball right now. It forces you to stay inside the ball and extend through the middle instead of casting around. I have a lot of my athletes use this to make sure they're using their body right and not just their hands."

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