Rope Bat® Instructions

How The Rope Bat® Works

How the Rope Bat Works - Step by Step Action

The Rope Bat® teaches players how to line up their body for a perfect swing every time. After training with the Rope Bat®, hitters will easily transfer the correct swing mechanics when swinging with a real bat.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to start perfecting your player’s swing with the Rope Bat®!

Step 1 – Find Your Grip

Adjust the grip indicator ring to the correct bat size. This will match the barrel to the sweet spot of any sized bat.

Position hands to choke up at the grip indicator ring.

Hitters who use a 33 or 34 inch bat should position their hands at the end of the handle.

Rope Bat Step 1 Grip Ring Indicator

Step 2 – Find Your Starting Position

Position the Rope Bat® over your shoulder with the bat head between your shoulder blades.

Hands should be up by your collarbone (just as they would be with a real bat).

Do not let the barrel hang off the back shoulder or drift away from the middle of the back.

Rope Bat Step 2: Player in Starting Position

Step 3 – Start Swinging

Begin with a few slow swings to get the feel for the Rope Bat® and then work your way up to swinging with full force.

Start with a tee and then work up to soft toss from the side or underhand / overhand from the front.

Rope Bat Step 3: Player Swinging

Step 4 – Get Immediate Feedback & Self Correct

The Rope Bat® forces correct swing mechanics and will give the hitter immediate feedback so they can self-correct.

If the hitter doesn’t make contact with the sweet spot, they don’t make contact at all.

Since the Rope Bat® is flexible instead of rigid like a real bat, hitters must take the slack out of the rope to hit the sweet spot with authority.

This forces hitters to:

⚾️ Swing with their entire body (not their arms and hands)

🥎 Eliminate swing flaws such as casting, looping and hitching

⚾️ Keep their hands inside the ball

🥎 Utilize lag

⚾️ Keep the barrel on plane

🥎 Swing with power

The hitter can see, feel and hear if they hit the ball with authority. If they didn’t, they will self-correct.

These self-corrections will develop muscle memory for the correct swing mechanics which will be transferred to swings with the real bat.

For more details and instructions on how to use the Rope Bat®, view the Rope Bat® Instructional Video.

Play Video about The Rope Bat Instructional Video

Perfect Your Player's Swing!

The Rope Bat® should only be used with lightweight training balls such as Smushballs or Wiffle balls. Never use real baseballs or softballs with the Rope Bat®. Use only tees with soft rubber cones, such as the Tanner Tee. Do not use the Rope Bat® with tees that have rigid cones.